Video Game Publishers Join The Robot Cache Platform

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A number of video game publishers have joined the Robot Cache distribution platform, which makes full use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to bring something new to the table.

In any industry that is primed for disruption.

The firm revealed today the first wave of publishers that have agreed in principle or signed agreements to bring their games on the PC distribution platform. These include notable names like 505 Games, Paradox Interactive and THQ Nordic.

Sure, major publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are missing from what is being hailed as a revolution, but that is to be expected at this stage.

Robot Cache Logo

As Lee Jacobson, CEO at Robot Cache puts it, more publishers are in the pipeline and are likely to join the initiative. Another announcement in this regard is not far away:

“This initial group of amazing publishers and developers was the first to sign, but we have a longer list of publishers that are in the process of agreeing to work with us to bring their games to our PC video game distribution platform. Robot Cache is unique to the gaming industry. We are building a destination for all types of great games, including PC, AAA, Indy and even games that use the blockchain. It will be an open sourced platform. And for the first time ever, gamers will be able to re-sell their digital games. It’s truly a paradigm shift.”

It may well be.

In case you’re curious, Robot Cache promises stir things up by reducing fees for developers and publishers by as much as 80%, while also allowing customers to resell their digital PC games.

Something that is not exactly possible with other digital storefronts.

Publishers will retain up to 95% of the sales proceeds, which is practically 25% more than the current industry standard. And not just that, Robot Cache will also allow them to set resale pricing and get 70% of those proceeds as well.

Gamers will get an option to resell games purchased on the platform and get 25% of the proceeds.

The platform also earns them digital tokens for when they sell, the IRON cryptocurrency being the digital currency in question. They will also be able to use this coin to purchase another game. Users will also have the option of mining IRON via the Robot Cache client, if they so desire.