Twitter Starts Blocking Cryptocurrency Ads

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Or will start, rather. The rumors had been swirling high and low, and now we have confirmation that Twitter is getting ready to block cryptocurrency ads on its platform.

This development comes hot on the heels of Facebook and Google pulling off something similar.

And more interestingly, it also comes a few days after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he sees Bitcoin as the single global currency in the future — perhaps less than 10 years from now, if adoption of the digital coins goes as planned.

Nevertheless, as this report reveals, the social network wants to make it more difficult for fraudsters to conduct their deceptive activities and target unsuspecting users on Twitter.

The clampdown specific targets advertising of initial coin offerings (ICOs), token sales, as well as crypto wallet services. And though the ban also covers crypto exchanges, it is said to be slightly less rigid compared to the restrictions for other categories.

Of course, this strategy is being viewed through different lenses in the crypto world.

While many believe that it was high time these large technology companies themselves cleaned house of scammers and swindlers, a blanket crackdown like this is not the way to go, according to some users.

In any case, this news caps up a rather interesting month for cryptocurrencies.

One where banking and money transfer deals went hand in hand with calls to ditch regulations for these fledgling market. There were plenty of positives to report on the technology side of things as well, while world governments are also jumping in with their own unique twists on things.

It is said that there is never a boring month in crypto.

And March simply solidified that saying.