Japan Has More Than 3 Million Crypto Traders

Big in Japan? You bet. The Financial Services Agency has released domestic cryptocurrency trading statistics for the country for the first time, with…

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Millennials Love Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Litecoin

We all know Millennials love cryptocurrency, with a sizeable fraction investing in these digital coins. But a new survey has shed some more…

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Bitcoin Misery Index Predicts Price At $25,000 This Year

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be in recovery mode right now, but even the new Bitcoin Misery Index says now is right time…


Bitcoin On Track To Hit $29,000 This Year

And yet, Ethereum will outperform it. If the current flash crash has got you worried, then don’t be. Bitcoin and friends have a…


Cryptojacking Attacks In The UK Up 1200%

Cryptojacking, the newest form of malware, is seeing some surge lately. With the United Kingdom in particular seeing these types of attacks rise…

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Bitcoin Uses 30 Times More Electricity Than Tesla Cars

That Bitcoin consumes more energy than pretty much all cryptocurrencies is known to us. How much more? Think 30 times more electricity than…