Telegram Coins

Telegram Might Cancel Its Public ICO

But I want my Grams! Looks like you may not be able to get your hands on those sweet, sweet Grams anytime soon,…


Wyoming Defines Cryptocurrencies As New Asset Class

Wyoming is going all in on cryptocurrencies and blockchain! It has become the first state in the world to define cryptocurrencies as an…

Bitcoin Burning

Bitcoin Price Eyes Rise, As Tokyo Whale Selloff Ends

Do we have a $11,500? Bitcoin price has been highly volatile these past few days, even more so than usual, with $1,000 swings…

Bitcoin Bars

Bitcoin Feels Binance Hack, SEC Warning, Japan Pressure

The typically volatile crypto market felt three blows in quick succession, all three of which played a part in driving prices down. Bitcoin,…


SEC Wants Tighter Crypto Regulations

The SEC just made it clear that it wants to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And this expected development resulted in the crypto…