SportDex Launches Crypto Based Sports App

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SportDex, a decentralized sports ecosystem has just launched its new application. The app makes full use of cryptocurrency, with the highlight being the SPO token.

The app is designed with four new features — the above cryptocurrency, a player exchange, wallet, as well as contests. SportDex is also offering 20 SPO tokens to users that sign up in the next 30 days on the two available platforms, iOS and Android.

SportDex App

SportDex founder, Charles Chen talked about this:

“We are truly excited to be able to offer our newly crypto-powered products. SportDex always keeps the community in heart striving to build the most engaging product. We are verbally committed, and we finally landed on the market. I am very proud of our team who exerted great effort in bringing about our new product line.”

Of course, the highlight here is the play exchange that is introduced for the first time. It is a player data profile exchange for fans, where users can validate their predictions of a player’s performance by buying and selling the data profile of the player.

SPO tokens will be rewarded for accurate predictions.

SportDex also makes use of the blockchain to incentivize the whole community, with the SPO digital currency designed to be used solely within the network. User get access to a wallet after signing up for the platform, with full deposit and withdrawal support.

Find out more information here.