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Bladetec To Build Largest Bitcoin Farm In The UK

A British IT hardware supplier, Bladetec, has unveiled plans to build the largest Bitcoin mining farm in the United Kingdom. An interesting development at a time when profitability is the talk of the town. A recent report suggested that most…

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Bitcoin Jumps $1,000 After G20 Told To Ditch Regulations

The wild ride continues! Bitcoin price jumped by well over $1,000 after Mark Carney of all people told the G20 countries that the…

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No Criticism For Cryptos At Annual China Investor Event

Despite rumors, cryptocurrencies were not even brought up for criticism at the annual consumer protection event in China. This, despite the fact that…

Crypto Mining

Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable?

The wild swings Bitcoin has been through since the start of the year has meant that the digital currency is not as valuable…

Three Coins

Crypto Prices Stabilize, For Now

The shocking week for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is about to be over, and crypto prices seem to have stabilized a bit. However,…


Behold The Ethereum Powered PlayTable Console

San Francisco based startup Blok.Party is aiming big! The company has unveiled the PlayTable, a new electronic tabletop console that uses Ethereum based…

What is bitcoin?

Coinfloor To Launch Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures

Coinfloor, a UK based cryptocurrency exchange, is all set to enter the Bitcoin futures market. It made the official announcement on Wednesday, joining…

Crypto Regulations

Coinbase Sees No Need For A Crypto Regulator

Coinbase, the leading San Francisco based digital currency exchange, has said that there is no need for a crypto regulator, or even a…

ebook – Cryptocurrency: 5 Expert Secrets For Beginners: Investing Into Bitcoin, Ethereum

Cryptocurrency: 5 Expert Secrets for Beginners: Investing in Bitcoin by Anthony Tu offers a balanced…

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Why Google Banning Crypto, ICO Ads Is Good

Google has followed Facebook in blocking ads for crypto on its platform, announcing a ban on advertisement for cryptocurrency and related content like…


Binance Unveils Its Own Blockchain For New Exchange

Binance, the leading crypto exchange in the world with over $1.5 billion in daily volume, has announced Binance Chain, a new public blockchain…