South Korea To Allow ICOs And Regulate Crypto Trading

Talk about a turnaround! South Korea rocked the crypto world last year by announcing a ban on ICOs, along with sending some negative signals regarding trading of cryptocurrencies. But it looks like the government has had a change of heart. According…

Bitcoin Burning

Bitcoin Price Eyes Rise, As Tokyo Whale Selloff Ends

Do we have a $11,500? Bitcoin price has been highly volatile these past few days, even more so than usual, with $1,000 swings…

Binance Offers $10 Million To Nab Hackers

Binance, the Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange, has set aside a $10 million fund to protect it against hacking attempts. An offensive strategy,…

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Bitcoin Misery Index Predicts Price At $25,000 This Year

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be in recovery mode right now, but even the new Bitcoin Misery Index says now is right time…

Ethereum Logo Glow

US Institutional Trading For Ether Coming Soon?

Hope you’re ready! Ether has taken step towards institutional trading in the US, with ConsenSys announcing a partnership with TrueDigital to develop a…


Bitcoin On Track To Hit $29,000 This Year

And yet, Ethereum will outperform it. If the current flash crash has got you worried, then don’t be. Bitcoin and friends have a…


Ripple Money Tap App To Power Payments For 61 Banks

Big in Japan. Ripple has developed a blockchain powered payment application called Money Tap, which aims to make it easier for banks in…


Tokyo Whale Sinks Bitcoin Below $9,000

Bitcoin just saw its rough week get rougher! The original cryptocurrency suffered another night to forget after it shed another thousand to go…

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Bitcoin Feels Binance Hack, SEC Warning, Japan Pressure

The typically volatile crypto market felt three blows in quick succession, all three of which played a part in driving prices down. Bitcoin,…


SEC Wants Tighter Crypto Regulations

The SEC just made it clear that it wants to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And this expected development resulted in the crypto…


Binance Faced Large Scale Theft Attempt

Man, what a scare! Rumors spread last night that Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges around, had been hacked. But that was…