Loom Network To Enable Large Scale Apps, Games On Ethereum

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Remember the name, Loom Network. The company claims it has developed the next generation of the Ethereum based blockchain infrastructure that is not only faster and more stable, but also scalable.

To the point that it can support large social applications and games.

Even some as large as World of Warcraft.

And Twitter.

The Bangkok based company was founded in 2017 as a Platform as a Service provider and is known for the development of CryptoZombies, a learning resource that teaches developers how to write smart contracts using a sequence of interactive guides.

As reported, the company is looking to sort the issue of scalability on blockchains, and allow developers access to more computing power at lower costs. This should pave the way for the development of new DApps and smart contracts for small tasks that can run independently from the blockchain.

Loom Network Logo

James Duffy of Loom:

“With Bitcoin came the world’s first blockchain… Ethereum took it a step further by allowing developers to upload indelible pieces of code into the blockchain, called ‘smart contracts.’ Loom Network is the next logical step in this evolution – it allows developers to run these unstoppable applications on a massive scale.”

Sounds impressive.

The company is now able to provide DApps a lot more scalability by enabling each decentralized application to run on its own blockchain, called DAppChain. Developers can use the software development kit to rapidly code their own apps without being a blockchain expert.

Scalability is one of the major issues facing the industry right now, and Loom Networks seems to be taking the right steps in finding a suitable solution for this problem.

Find out more information on the company here.