Lightning Labs Chief Says We Are Entering A Bitcoin World

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A Bitcoin, not blockchain world, be her words. Elizabeth Stark, the cofounder of Lightening Labs believes that cryptocurrencies have begun to steal the show again away from blockchain.

She was talking with Yahoo Finance The Final Round.

This is a far cry form the early days of this San Francisco based startup, where it decided to remove the mention of Bitcoin from its marketing resources because blockchain was king back at that time. But now, they believe that cryptocurrencies will not only survive, but thrive.


“Now, I feel like we’ve entered into a ‘bitcoin, not blockchain’ world, where people understand the value of cryptocurrency technology and what these can bring.”

Talking about the recent pullback of prices, she said that these are not such a bad thing for developers in the Bitcoin space. Big spikes are not necessarily good for technical folks that are developing, who much prefer things to be calm and controlled, natural growth.

Of course, Lightening is the force behind the Lightening Network software, which is currently in beta.

It sits atop Bitcoin to deliver faster transactions. Not only faster, but more of them at the same time. Elizabeth provided a glimpse into the roadmap of her company, revealing that it includes many thousands of transactions per second, some day even millions per second.

These are numbers that dwarf the capabilities of large financial institutions, including Visa, which is why many of these companies are cautiously wary on Bitcoin.

Then again, technologies like Lightening need to succeed as the world’s single currency.