KFC Logo

KFC Starts Accepting Bitcoin

The Colonel is embracing Bitcoin! KFC will now let you buy fried chicken using Bitcoin, as it has started accepting the cryptocurrency for a special deal that can only be bought using this digital coin. In Canada only, though. This latest example of mainstream cryptocurrency can be termed as a PR stunt, but it is […]

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Kraken down

Kraken has been down for hours

Kraken, One of the Biggest Crypto Exchanges has gone dark for hours and users are freaking out. Kraken has been down for hours. Kraken went offline at 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday for maintenance that was initially scheduled to last two hours according to an announcement on the San Francisco-based company’s website. “We are […]

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Teslar Car

Bitcoin Uses 30 Times More Electricity Than Tesla Cars

That Bitcoin consumes more energy than pretty much all cryptocurrencies is known to us. How much more? Think 30 times more electricity than all the Tesla cars in the world today. This has been revealed in a new report by Morgan Stanley, who revealed that Bitcoin mining now guzzles up more electricity than electric vehicles […]

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Atomic Swaps

2018 Could Be The Year Of Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps, as a concept, have been talked about for a fair while now, but it looks increasingly likely that they will take centerstage by the time the year 2018 bows out. That’s because a whole new generation of crypto users have begun investing in the technology, and this rapid growth has led to concerns […]

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Switzerland Amps Up Its Crypto Credentials

Only those countries that do will move ahead, it is being said. Switzerland, has long been home to a robust financial services industry, and now it wants to amp up its crypto credentials too. The country has been making serious efforts to capitalize on the trend. It now wants to set up a powerful domestic […]

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Money Transfer

Ripple Rises On The Back Of MoneyGram Deal

If you thought Ripple was down and out after going from the highs of $3 down to the lows of $1 and change, then think again. MoneyGram is here for the rescue. On a day when news from South Korea sent ripples, pun always intended, through the crypto sphere, wiping some $200 billion of market […]

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South Korea Bitcoin

Market Scare After South Korea Crypto Exchange Crackdown

What a day! The crypto market saw a rollercoaster of a ride today, after confusion arose in South Korea where the government has started to intensify its moves against Bitcoin exchanges in the country. More misunderstanding arose after a South Korean minister announced plans for a bill intended to ban cryptocurrency trading. These moves were […]

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Line Logo

Line To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

And that’s the bottom line! Another day, another cryptocurrency launch. Or well, news of, rather. Line, the popular messaging app is set to launch its own digital currency. In an effort to make payments more flexible. We are finally starting to see the complete switch towards blockchain and decentralized currency, as more and more companies […]

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Warren Buffett

Cryptocurrency Craze Won’t End Well, Warns Warren Buffett

We have known for some time now that Warren Buffett is not exactly a fan of Bitcoin, and the finance legend has once again shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies in general. Saying that they will not end well. The billionaire investor is obviously referring to the recent craze over cryptocurrencies, saying that he would not […]

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Microsoft Starts Accepting Bitcoin Payments Again

Halt and catch fire! After a controversial move that sent a shockwave or two through the Bitcoin community, Microsoft has started accepting the cryptocurrency once again. Basically, the software giant has rethought the unstable currency. And resumed accepting it as payment after temporarily halting it last week. It was not the first time the Redmond […]

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Kodak Launching A Cryptocurrency For Photographers

Eastman Kodak, the 130-year old company is diving into the cryptocurrency crazy, after announcing plans to launch its own digital coin meant for photographers. The US company is best known for its photography related products, and is now focused more actively on printing and digital film after filing for bankruptcy, and subsequently recovering in 2013, […]

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Ethereum Cofounder Is Concerned About Unrealistic Projects

There’s no shortage of unrealistic cryptocurrency projects, coins that have not been updated in years, have outdated technology, or are put up companies that have impractical or improbable goals. It is this uncertainty that troubles Ethereum cofounder, Charles Hoskinson. His thoughts arrive after a number of alternative digital currencies have made substantial gains in recent […]

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Jamie Dimon Regrets Calling Bitcoin A Fraud

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon may still not be a fan of the cryptocurrency, but he reportedly regrets calling it a fraud. His change of heart has also resulted in him praising the blockchain technology. It was back on September 12 that he made the fraud comment, saying that he would fire any trader known […]

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Telegram ICO Could Be The Next Big Thing

Here we go! The first big ICO news of the year took no time whatsoever. In blockbusting news, there are reports that Telegram is planning a multibillion dollar ICO on its own blockchain platform. An ICO, if you’re hearing the word for the first time, is short for Initial Coin Offering. Not dissimilar to an […]

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Bitcoin Japan

Japan Bets Big On Bitcoin

Big in Japan. The different approaches to cryptocurrencies in Asia are plan evident in how two of its major countries, China and Japan, are handling Bitcoin. While news that China reportedly wants to curtail wasteful Bitcoin mining is making headlines, Japan has warmly embraced the phenomenon. Both the government and general public have jumped in […]

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Market Down

Government Regulations The Catalyst For Cryptocurrencies Plunge?

Digital currencies saw a broad fall on Monday, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple taking deep plunges, while Ethereum flatlining in terms of performance. A number of factors have led to these minor crashes that saw Bitcoin value decline by 9.2% and Ripple trading at a remarkable 11.7% less than it was last week. Ethereum, […]

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