Behold The Ethereum Powered PlayTable Console

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San Francisco based startup Blok.Party is aiming big! The company has unveiled the PlayTable, a new electronic tabletop console that uses Ethereum based blockchain technology.

Created as a platform for running a number of different tabletop experiences, this new device also has the distinction of being the world’s first blockchain powered console.

CEO Jimmy Chen announced it as:

“An unfortunate part of my adulthood has been about an increased difficulty in getting together with friends in real life to laugh, scheme and have fun together. We made PlayTable to bring people together and rediscover the magic of the communal gaming experience. Play, especially open and social play, requires this kind of tangible, visceral interaction and that’s really what PlayTable fosters.”

Here’s a video:


It’s quite similar to your Android powered tablet like devices, with touch enabled controls that are now a norm on these kinds of device. Supporting eight players, the gaming device runs on an Ethereum OS, and aims to take the experience of tabletops to the next level.

One where not only can players bring their characters seamlessly across games, but also get access to a decentralized and secure trading economy among the community.

Trading is a huge part of the tabletop and card collecting games genre, and this blockchain powered innovation brings it into the spotlight with style.

As for the blockchain, that can store information and ownership data about every toy, object and card that is used with the PlayTable. This ensures that each toy is unique and owner by the player, ultimately adding to the experience.

PlayTable is set for release later in 2018.

You can give Blok.Party a visit here in the meantime.