Crypto Sky

Yahoo Japan Buys 40% Stake In Crypto Exchange

Yahoo Japan confirmed on Friday its intention to buy a minority stake in a local cryptocurrency exchange, one that goes by the name of BitARG. This significant development will lead to a domestic subsidiary of Yahoo Japan to acquire 40%…

Japanese Internet Company Set To Launch Bitcoin Payroll

Bitcoin may be an appealing investment vehicle for many, and many retailers accept payments in the digital coin, the cryptocurrency has not made…

Telegram Coins

Telegram Might Cancel Its Public ICO

But I want my Grams! Looks like you may not be able to get your hands on those sweet, sweet Grams anytime soon,…


Japan Has More Than 3 Million Crypto Traders

Big in Japan? You bet. The Financial Services Agency has released domestic cryptocurrency trading statistics for the country for the first time, with…

Elizabeth Stark

Lightning Labs Chief Says We Are Entering A Bitcoin World

A Bitcoin, not blockchain world, be her words. Elizabeth Stark, the cofounder of Lightening Labs believes that cryptocurrencies have begun to steal the…

PC Gamer

Video Game Publishers Join The Robot Cache Platform

A number of video game publishers have joined the Robot Cache distribution platform, which makes full use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to…

Ripple Coin

Ripple Wants To Pay To Be Listed On US Exchanges

Pay to play, are we? Ripple, it is said, has tried to buy its way onto major US cryptocurrency exchanges, with talk that…


Countries Will Embrace Crypto, IBM Believes

IBM has taken sides! The enterprise giant has weighed in on the crypto phenomenon, predicting that countries will embrace the cryptocurrency technology very…

Crypto Prices

Crypto Prices Climb, As Stocks Fall

Crypto prices have made their climb back up, even as stocks dropped on the first trading day of the quarter with the Dow…


SportDex Launches Crypto Based Sports App

SportDex, a decentralized sports ecosystem has just launched its new application. The app makes full use of cryptocurrency, with the highlight being the…

Ford Wants To Make Traffic Jams History With Crypto

And it has just been issued a patent for it. Ford Motor Company has been granted a patent for a technology that makes…