Archos Safe-T Mini

Archos Debuts Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet

MWC 2018 is about to get underway in Barcelona, and Archos has unveiled a hardware cryptocurrency wallet that it will be showcasing at the event. Mobile World Congress is mostly about smartphones and mobile devices, but with increased interest in…


Bitcoin Fees Drop As SegWit Rollout Continues

The good times are here! Bitcoin fees are at their lowest point in quite some time, as the SegWit rollout has picked up…

Flag Turkey

Turkey May Also Develop A National Cryptocurrency

Turkcoin? The trend of national cryptocurrency continues, with news that Turkey might be the next country to launch one. Politicians and lawmakers in…

Flag Iran

Iran Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency

2018 certainly seems to be the year where countries get serious about launching their own cryptocurrencies. Iran is following Venezuela in launching its…

Crypto Mining

Tesla Servers Hijacked To Mine Cryptocurrency

Cryptojacking strikes again! The latest high-profile incident of hackers taking control of computers to mine cryptocurrency involves Tesla. It’s AWS cloud presence was…

Telegram ICO

Telegram Is Holding Another Pre ICO Sale

Catnip? One of the biggest developments at the start of the year was the news that Telegram was holding an ICO token sale…

KFC Logo

KFC Starts Accepting Bitcoin

The Colonel is embracing Bitcoin! KFC will now let you buy fried chicken using Bitcoin, as it has started accepting the cryptocurrency for…

Kraken down

Kraken has been down for hours

Kraken, One of the Biggest Crypto Exchanges has gone dark for hours and users are freaking out. Kraken has been down for hours. Kraken…

Teslar Car

Bitcoin Uses 30 Times More Electricity Than Tesla Cars

That Bitcoin consumes more energy than pretty much all cryptocurrencies is known to us. How much more? Think 30 times more electricity than…

Atomic Swaps

2018 Could Be The Year Of Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps, as a concept, have been talked about for a fair while now, but it looks increasingly likely that they will take…


Switzerland Amps Up Its Crypto Credentials

Only those countries that do will move ahead, it is being said. Switzerland, has long been home to a robust financial services industry,…